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Accreditation of private institutions of higher education in Aruba

Not having its own national accreditation agency, the Government of Aruba generally accepts as being accredited those programs with accreditation from agencies recognized as accrediting agencies by the national government of the country and the Government of Aruba. Additionally, the program must conclude with a diploma deemed comparable to a Dutch diploma of higher education or equivalent to a diploma obtained from the University of Aruba. The recognition of said agencies by the Government of Aruba is formalized by State Decree (landsbesluit).

For medical programs, recognition by the Department of Education is also required.

Charters or Letters of Accreditation

Neither charters nor letters of accreditation are valid instruments within Aruba’s legal framework. As such, the Government of Aruba cannot award charters or letters of accreditation to any educational institution or for any program. Charters or letters of accreditation erroneously issued in the past have been re-called, or are in the process of being re-called. No rights may be derived from these documents.


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