Acuril 2019 na Aruba

May 6, 2019

Biblioteca Nacional Aruba (BNA) tin e honor di host y organisa e di 49 conferencia di Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL).

Logo: “The conch has a nurturing reference but is also still a means of communication through local and regional music. The “sound colors” are from the Sustainable Development Goals International logo and represent that we all are part of the problem, but most importantly: the solution.” Ryan Daniel Oduber, Contemporary Aruban artist and designer


ACURIL ta tene su di 49 conferencia na Aruba Renaissance Convention Center di 2 pa 6 di juni 2019.

E conferencia lo focus riba e Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) cu ta e framework di UN 2030 agenda. Tema di e conferencia ta: ‘Access and opportunity for all: Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’.

Lo tin presentacion di oradornan renombra, tayer, exhibicion di proveedornan di producto y sistema pa biblioteca y centronan di informacion.

Sub-temanan lo ta:

  1. Information services aimed at poverty alleviation and food security
  2. Promote literacy and lifelong learning
  3. Libraries and sustainability
  4. Libraries contributing to peaceful and just societies
  5. Integrated strategies to achieve multiple SDGs

Gustosamente  e Local Organizing Committee di Aruba ta invita tur esnan interesa den e temanan interesante pa participa na ACURIL Conference.

Registracion ta habri, por manda un email pa


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Biblioteca Nacional Aruba (BNA)  –  ACURIL 2019

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